Inside Out Projects

What is this about?

The “Inside Out” approach to Hoffman Trails Elementary recognizes that our building is 14 years old. The building has some very original equipment both inside and outside. Some of this equipment is lacking, damaged, missing or just plain “old.” Our ApproachRather than continually requiring staff to “ask for money” for similar items, the approach is to take care of as much of the building’s needs as possible in the most equitable manner possible while taking advantage of volume discounts. We want to avoid a “first come first serve” approach. Rather, spending money across most classrooms in a similar manner.


What has been done to date?

A survey was sent out to every HTE staff member. If they have a mailbox, they received a survey. This survey was no guarantee of money being spent. Through discussions with staff, three main areas were queried as to each staff member’s needs: Easel, Whiteboard, RugA category of “other” was added to collect additional requests. Surveys were collected and tabulated (see SURVEY).


Why the PTO, why not HCSD?

Why are these items the PTO’s responsibility? A recent ISPTO meeting addressed this specific topic with the school district. While HCSD would love to purchase new rugs, whiteboards and easels, the priority list of infrastructure needs simply will not allow for it. Building roofs, parking lots and many other large projects are being addressed at the district level.

So… it is up to us, the parents, students, staff and PTO to make our building what we want it to be.


So what about the “Out?”

This process does not affect any previously approved expenditures (ie: outside learning lab, classrooms). Once we have worked our way through the “inside,” as a PTO we can then turn our attention to the “outside." As a matter of fact, if anyone knows a good Landscape Architect, we will be looking for one shortly...


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